About Christine Hansen

Foto: Signe Marie Andersen

Christine Hansen is photographer and art historian based in Stavanger. Much of her work is realted to question about landskape and nature. In her latest project, Nedsenket Natur, she explore the life and the landscape below the sea level. Several of Hansen's works have a personal point of departure, where family history is explored from an artistic viewpoint. Questions that interest her are: Where does the collective and private story meet? Can the private be universal?


Hansen holds a master's degree in photography from the Art Academy in Bergen (2001) and a doctorate in art history from the University of Bergen (2012). She has had solo exhibitions and participated in a number of group exhibitions, including in Tromsø Art Association, Akershus Art Center, Sogn and Fjordane Art Museum and Preus Museum. Hansen's works have been purchased by the Haugaland Art Museum, Norwegian Arts Council and Preus Museum. She is also represented in the National Museum's collections. Her work and especially Familigrafier (2006), are mentioned both in Norwegian Art History (Danbolt, 2011) and in Norwegian Photo History (Larsen / Lien, 2008). Hansen worked as associate professor in photography at the Academy of Fine Arts, University of Bergen 2010-2019. She has curated several exhibitions including Støvkrystaller at Hå gamle prestegård and Galleri F15. She has also (together with Janicje Utne Meyer) curated Slow Pictures. Contemorary Photography at Lillehammer Art Museum (2016).