Trær som faller, Fra Balkongen

Falling Trees, From the Balcony Stavanger Art Museum (2020)

Trær som faller (Falling Trees) have a background in Christine Hansen's interest in the developed landscape. Over a long period of time, she has photographed in the Stavanger area: Tasta, Vardeneset, the area around Stokkavannet, the airport and the construction site for the new hospital. She documents small and large changes, such as temporary construction work, trees that have fallen over after a storm, newly created play areas or planes that have been put on the ground.


The title plays on all the changes that happen imperceptibly, and the vulnerability of the landscapes we surround ourselves with. The intersection between documentation and artistic gaze is an interest that has been important ever since Hansen began working with photography. A subject that concerns her is how small photographic shifts constantly negotiate our relationship with the environment. What is photographed can have political implications: public development, construction of recreational areas, climate change. Nevertheless, these subject matters have been tried to be expressed in a low-key observational way.

  • Trær som faller. Installation photo, series five photographs. Fra balkongen (From the Balcony) Rogaland Art Museum.

    Photo: Oddbjørn Erland Aaarstad

  • Detail. SUS2023 (Stavanger University hospital)

  • Detail. Stokkavannet, 2018

  • Detail. Bikepath, Tasta, 2020

  • Skatingpark, Tasta, 2020

  • Sola Airport, 2020