Festival exhibition: SOLASTALGIA 3.0, Vadsø Art Association

Christine Hansen's Flytte dyrene (Move the Animals) is a collage with text, watercolor and colored pencil. The words and expressions are taken from local newspapers in Finnmark and are about conflicts and discussions related to the management of nature. The colors in the montage are inspired by the colors of the houses in Vadsø. In addition, Hansen shows the video Lyden av kongekrabbe (The sound of the King Krab), which humorously examines the King crab's belonging.


The artist group Solastalgia works with environmental issues and has done fieldwork in the Varanger region during its stay at Vadsø Gjesteatelier in spring 2022. The term solastalgia, developed by the philosopher Glenn Albrecht, describes the existential sorrow one can feel in relation to environmental challenges. Today, many people experience solastalgia both from changes in their immediate surroundings and in a larger global perspective. With this as a backdrop, the group has looked at areas in Eastern Finnmark from Pasvikdalen to the Varanger Peninsula with a particular focus on Vadsø. 

The group: Andrea Grundt Johns, Ann Edvartsen, Christine Hansen, Sidsel Bonde, Skade Henriksen, Åsne Eldøy.

  • Installation shot.

  • Moving the Animals and The Sound of the King Krab.

  • Moving the Animals, collage, watercolor, colored pencil, text. 

  • The Sound of the King Crab, video.