Nordic Mystic (2012)

The project takes personal journeys aspoint of departure. The title is directly related to the pictures (a small town in the US and places in Norway and Sweden), but also plays on the notion that some places have a certain “palette” or light. The work is an exploration of how the light (sunlight, artificial light, daylight) is a condition for what we see. This is especially detectable in the photographs captured in the evening
and at nights. A head light and a candlelight act as small lighthouses in an otherwise dark landscape; the car lights illuminate a sign in a dark roadway, a vanishing sun dimly light up the summer sky. Nordic Mystic is also an exploration of the way in which photography so thoroughly has had an impact and continues to have an influence on how we experience the summer nights.

  • Installation view of Nordic Mystic in the show Lab 1 at Bergen Academy of Arts, Bergen, 01. - 11. November 2012.