Faces, Manhattan (2001-2018)


People were moving from one place to another, all with their purpose. I didn't know who they were and they didn't know who I was. I took a deep breath and continued to look at the faces of people without a thought in my head. (...) I was still bewildered in a maze, unable to solve the simplest problem.

Haruki Murakami, Wind up Bird Chronicle

Ansikter, Manhattan 2001/2018 
The project is a series of black and white pictures taken on Manhattan before 11th. September. During a year I walked planned routes and photographed people on the street with a tele photo lens. I accumulated a large archive and none of the pictures have been exhibited before. I thought about it in the beginning as a conceptual project. During the time that has passed the pictures have changed character.  The pictures has become an image of time, captured before something happened. I have come to like the photographs sublteness, how clothes,gestures and facial expressions communicates it’s own language. The people finds themselves in the public space and relate to the silent rules of this space, At the same time they are not aware that they are being observed. This double status contribute to the fact that facial expressions, gaze and gestures is experienced as opaque and almost as puzzles.