Itineraries (2006–2013)

Itineraries is a work of color and black-and-white photographs, visual representations connected to travel, and notebooks. Central to this project is the artist's background as both an artist and academic. During the years that she devoted to this project, she also worked on a dissertation that raises issues concerning photography’s legitimacy as art and changing ideas of landscape. While the documentary aspect is very important in several of her projects, it is toned down here. Although the pictures refer to concrete places that the artist has visited, on vacation, on residency, and attending conferences, and the notebooks are her notebooks, the work presents a more ambient and dreamlike gaze.


Many of Christine Hansen's photographs are landscapes. Since the sixteenth century, landscape images have been associated with travel. Beginning in the nineteenth century, travel has been documented photographically. The expedition photographers transported large bulky cameras into the field, where they both photographed and processed the images on-site. Hansen's journeys could hardly be described as expedition travel in this sense. Rather, they are more accurately described as movements, in which the personal and the professional focus intersect and overlap. The notebooks included in the project thematize writing as a method to hold on to a moment, in the manner of photography. In the notebooks, abstract ideas are often expressed in a more direct and straightforward manner. The notebooks also place the photographs in the context of discussions that have surrounded the medium since its beginning.


  • Tucson, Arizona, c-print, 2008

  • Art Seminar, Chicago, c-print, 2007

  • Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, c-print, 2007

  • University of Chicago, Chicago, c-print, 2008

  • The Loop, Chicago, c-print, 2008

  • Hyde Park, Chicago, c-print, 2009

  • Dallas, Texas, c-print, 2008

  • Dallas, Texas, c-print, 2008

  • Disneyland, California, c-print, 2007

  • Field Museum, Chicago, c-print, 2008

  • Grand Canyon, Arizona, c-print, 2007

  • Death Valley, California, 2013

  • Lake Michigan, Chicago, c-print, 2010

  • Lake Michigan, Traverse City, c-print, 2010

  • Pony Inn Motel, Austin, c-print, 2007

  • “How to put the human consciousness into a photograph” I, Moleskin notebook, 2008

  • “How to put the human consciousness into a photograph” II, Moleskin notebook, 2008

  • “How to put the human consciousness into a photograph” III, Moleskin notebook, 2008

  • “How to put the human consciousness into a photograph” VI, Moleskin notebook, 2008

  • Texas I, c-print, 2007

  • Texas I, c-print, 2007

  • Tucson Arizona, 2008

  • Magnolia Plantation, South Carolina, 2008

  • Moab, Utah, 2007