Rhododendron, Fotland Mølle (2023)

The exhibition takes a rhododendron garden in Sogn as point of departure. The garden is created by the artist´s uncle, Ingvald Austreim. The main work in "Rhododendron" is a 14-minute video that depicts a walk and conversation between the artist and Austreim in the garden. In parallel with the film, Hansen has worked with cyanotypes, an old photographic technique that produces blue images. The images are both part of the film and independent works in the exhibition.
During the filming, the artist received several small rhododendron trees, which she planted in the garden in Stavanger in 2017. The trees is blooming for the first time this year, and for the exhibition, Hansen has created a series of new watercolors depicting the blooming. The watercolors address an important theme in Hansen's artistic practice, which is an exploration of the intersection between documentation, memory, and artistic vision. She tries to study the flower day by day, while the watercolors also represent a painterly exploration where pigments and water flow together.

  • Overview, exhibition, installation and video

  • Watercolors, black and white photo and handwriting.

  • Water colors, first blooming.

  • Ingvalds garden, video

  • Still picture, video.

  • Still picture, video

  • Rhododendron, cyanotype