Desert Dwelling, process (2018 -2020)

Desert Dwelling is a collaborative work with Line Anda Dalmar. The desert is used as a site and framework to reflect on landscape, environment and time. The project explores the act of observation and documentation and uses common documentation/observation methods such as photography, video and sound. In addition, we employ more obsolete and time-consuming observation means such as drawing, casting and watercolor painting. This is to stress that different observation methods render the world differently, and provide noninterchangeable information about the world. Much of the visual material is from a field study in deserts in California in spring 2018. The study took place mainly in Death Valley and Joshua Tree and had a processual method. We selected a place in the desert and stayed there until we found something interesting to work with. Every day, we made experiences that we built on the next day. The working method focused on the fluid relationship between process, work and documentation.

  • Collage, A-Z West, 2019

  • Site Specific installation,Sun print,  Death Valley, 2018

  • Christine embroidering, Joshua Tree, 2019

  • Working area, Joshua Tree, 2019

  • Yucca Palm, Joshua Tree, 2018

  • Site Specific installation, Cyanotype, 2018

  • Cactus, Joshua Tree, Watercolor, 2019

  • Catus and Sunprint, Joshua Tree, 2018

  • Toutists in Death Valley, 2018