‚ÄĚNordic Documentary Photography: Pictorial Practices in Transition?" (2013)
Article (together with Sigrid Lien )in Nordic Now. Special issue of Objektiv (Norway), Photo Raw (Finland) and Filter (Denmark).

The article ”Nordic Documentary Photography: Pictorial Practices in Transition?” ( together with Sigrid Lien) presents new Nordic voices in documentary photography. The Scandinavian picture agency Moments, with photographers such as Andrea Gjestvang and Elin Berge are discussed, the Finnish photo-collective 11, with photographers like Meeri Koutaniemi is presented, as well as the the Icelandic photographer RAX. The article draws attention to the fact that the various Nordic photo-projects are in the legacy of their historical predecessors, but there is an increasing tendency to thematize global challenges from a local standpoint.