Fanzine. Lytting og Sidespor. Atelierbes√łk, 2022 (2022)

This black and white photo of my mother, where I photographed her forehead, hairline and hair, was part of the Dust Crystals exhibition in 2015. When I saw this photo (showing a photo of Imogen Cunningham) I thought it was something incredibly beautiful about the way she rests and her hair that flows outwards. It wasn't like I saw that picture and then I went and took the picture of my mom to make it look like Cunningham's. It was actually the other way around. I took the picture of my mom, but Cunningham's picture made me see that my picture had some kind of value. These pictures have made me think that there are several "gazes" that are glued on top of each other. I feel that in that picture of my mother, it's just like there are several invisible layers in my gaze. The image is more than just an image, because you bring another image into it.



Lytting og sidespor. Atelierbesøk is a fanizine were the texts are based on four Studio Visitis. The excerpt above is from Studiovisit #3 that revolved around "inspiration". The groupwork consisted of works of Mona Orstad Hansen, Tove Kommedal, Kristin Velle-George, Helene Espedal-Selvåg and Christine Hansen