√ėrkendveling, bok.

Desert Dwelling, book. (2020)
Samtaler om tid, kunstneriske metoder og natur

Conversations on time, artistic methods and nature

The book uses the desert as a place to reflect on landscape, environment and time. The project started in the spring of 2018 with a 3 week field study in Death Valley and Joshua Tree in California. The field studies were completed in the autumn of 2019 with a three-week residency at A-Z (Andrea Zittel) West in Joshua Tree. The project explores various observation and documentation methods. The working method focuses on the fluid relationship between process, work and documentation. In addition to an opportunity to explore a landscape that we do not have in Norway, we were attracted to the purity and tranquility of the desert. Desert dwelling, plays on various forms of dwelling. It's about stopping at what an everyday gaze overlooks. It is about exploring a landscape that challenges our perception of time. We had an idea to try to indulge in the unstructured time of the desert. A time that does not relate to the fragmented temporality of the modern city, but a time that is to a greater extent dictated by sun, warmth and silence.


In the book, the reader can follow our observations and reflections as it develops. Many texts about art can be intricate and inaccessible. But since this text is based on an oral conversation. In addition, the book provides an opportunity for a more intimate contact with the material, something the exhibition format does not do in the same way. Last but not least, we see the release as a valuable documentation of the work we have done. The book plays on slightly different genres such as the field report and artists' book. However, both the text and the visual material are something far more than a report on weather and landscape. We believe it provides valuable insight into the artistic process that may be interesting for a larger audience to read about.